Friday, March 24, 2006

The Friday Shuffle

I've been catching up with my friend Marisa's (for the sake of clarity, not MS. Another Marisa!) blog. She's all about the Random Friday and I've decided to bite. In case you want to join the fun, I'll paste the rules below:

"Set your pod or other, less aethetically pleasing, digital music player a'shufflin' and report back the first ten (or 11) songs that it spits out. No skipping, explaining or rationalizing via emoticon allowed."

Optional: After you do the above you might want to enlighten us with your favorite song and album of the batch. And perhaps if there's a memory or personal connection to one particular tune, you'll add that too.

Here goes...

1. Midnight Show (Hot Fuss) -- The Killers
2. Hey Ya (Speakerboxxx/The Love Below) -- Outkast
3. Albuquerque Lullaby (New American Language) -- Dan Bern
4. Love Vigilantes (The Best of New Order) -- New Order
5. Milk Cow Blues (Walk the Line soundtrack) -- Tyler Hilton
6. Wait Up (Not Colored Too Perfect) -- Matt Nathanson
7. Title and Registration (Transatlanticism) -- Death Cab for Cutie
8. Imagined Life (Emoh) -- Lou Barlow
9. Friday I'm in Love (Wish) -- The Cure
10. Know Your Rights (Live: From Here to Eternity) -- The Clash

Favorite Song: "Albuquerque Lullaby" by Dan Bern. My man got me into Dan. DB is to DD what The Nields are to me. Amazingly enough, BOTH will be at FRFF this year. WooHoo!

Favorite Album: New American Language is Dan's best and, actually, one of my all-time favs.

Memory and/or Personal Connection: Ah, nostalgia. My first boyfriend, in middle school, made me a taped copy of The Cure's Wish. I still have it somewhere. Coincidentally enough, said boy just found me on Myspace the other day. Talk about random!

Have a great weekend, Kids.


Blogger kris said...

I was just too lazy to comment last night ;) I'm looking forward to hearing Dan Bern at FRFF...I'm not familiar with him at all, but he's DD's guy, right?

1:23 PM  
Blogger Melissa said...

Wow! What a varied collection. I'll have to try this later, too. Though I'm a bit of a computer luddite and don't have a digital music player, ipod, or anything that groovy. We do have a five-disc CD changer! We saw Capote last night -- good movie, a bit slow, though. I didn't realize Harper Lee's first name was Nell. I now have to name a pet after her, since I'm done in the kid department. October is definitely a possibility ... I'll have to email NFN about it!

5:23 PM  
Blogger hopeful said...

I share Dan Bern's birthday...

I went to dinner with him one night a few years back, with my friends Chris and Meredith Thompson. I don't quite know how we got onto the subject of birthdays, but I thought it was kinda cool!

1:03 AM  
Blogger popscholar said...

Wow -- how did you end up at dinner with Dan?? My husband would be jealous! And when are your birthdays??

7:26 AM  
Anonymous beastmomma said...

I feel so behind the times since I do not have an ipod or any such mechanism. I do think it is cool that your middle school boyfriend recently found you on my space.

11:04 AM  

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